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interchangeability: 2094®*

SP12000-100002Dial fastener, nickel-plated #144

Currently not available

cadran fixation lame mobiletype-mvt-7001 type-mvt-2000-1 1-assortment-components
SP12824-100046Regular corrector #358

In Stock

correcteur raquetterietype-mvt-2671 type-mvt-2801-2 type-mvt-2824-2 type-mvt-2892-2 1-assortment-components
SP12671-100081Countersunk head screw #5105Pos. 9 = Screw for setting lever springPos. 14 = Screw for train wheel bridgePos. 17 = Screw for barrel bridgePos. 22 = Screw for pallet bridgePos. 24 = Screw for balance bridgePos. 39 = Screw for minute train bridgePos. 42 = Screw for minute counter jumper bridge

Available on request

balancier pont rouage tirette vistype-mvt-2671 1-assortment-components

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